Nov 23, 2010

Wait, I KNOW These People!

I've been thinking about my post last night on the Charlie Sheen/Capri Anderson debacle, and you know what? It was lame. I mean, I stand by everything I said as per how she deserves a place in the spotlight for what she went through, but I mean, wow, it doesn't take a genius to figure out which side of THAT debate I'd land on, does it? I'm pretty firmly Team Pro-Sex Workers.

So I'm writing another one quickly to make up for my predictable rant.

This, however, isn't a rant. This is one of those weird moments I occasionally have in this line of work, but which seem to be happening more often as time goes on: Last night the list of Adult Video News (AVN) Award nominees for 2011 went up online. The AVN is considered the Oscar of the adult entertainment industry--or the "Woodie." It is awarded to performers, studios, directors, and others in the industry as that industry's highest honor for everything from "Besdt DVD Exras" to "Best Big Butt Series" to "Best New Starlet." The list of awards is so long, and the attendance list so packed with controversial sex-celebs, that the awards ceremony held every year in January in Las Vegas is many hours long and usually ends with a drunken debacle of some sort.

Usually I kind of avoid the AVN awards because they, much like the Oscars, are a contrived bunch of nonsense that, from my standpoint as a reviewer, seem to reward nepotism and palm-greasing more than hard work or talent. (And please keep in mind, that's just my opinion. I have no proof of that. Some studios/directors/performers are often nominated for and win numerous awards in a sweep that seems suspicious to me--that's all I'm sayin.') But this year... Well...

Holy crap, I KNOW these people! I've interviewed a pretty heavy proportion of the people up for big awards, and even many of those I've never scored an interview with I've at least gotten to know at trade conventions or through e-mails or Twitter conversations. I've reviewed a lot of the films up for awards, too, and I can read through the lists of scenes nominated and say, "Oh the all-girl orgy from The Big Lebowski XXX was way better than the one in the Sex and the City parody! Come ON! How can they even both be nominated?"

And the thing is, though I'm excited about what that means for me at the AVN red carpet this year as a reporter, I'm actually feeling pretty weird about this. Am I proud that I'm ingrained so deeply in an awards drama I find so repulsively stacked? Or am I disgusted that I've wormed my way into such a biased and, well, totally bizarre industry? I'm excited by some of the prospects: one of my favorite new-ish performers, Kristina Rose, is up for many nominations, and is up for best alternative website, and I'm cheering for both of them! But I still can't make the feeling of being trapped in the midst of an out-of-control stampede of smut. Is this really where I wanted to be?

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