Apr 18, 2011

Vice Versa: The Best in Cooze Coverage from the Feminist Porn Awards

It seemed only fair that, since I wrote a blog here and then reposted it on WHACK! Magazine, I'd take some of the piece I put up on WHACK! about the Feminist Porn Awards show and repost it here this time around. Behold, my photos and videos! The awards ceremony, which offered snacks, booze, fabulous raffle prizes, drag queens, burlesque, BOYlesque, porn clips, glitter, queers, freaks, geeks, dykes, fags, and more, was held at the Berkeley Heritage Center... aka the old Berkely Church. Swear to god, I watched porn on a big screen and saw more platform vinyl boots than I could shake my camera at, all while getting drunk... in a church. I've never felt so wrongly right in my LIFE.

AVN, you guys are gonna have to pull out ALL the stops next year to make me even want to come back after having partied with the Good For Her crowd. Just sayin.


Carlos Batts and the stunningly beautiful April Flores, pre-awards ceremony!

April, who took home the coveted "Heartthrob of the Year" award last year, presented it this year...

...to the Toronto-based androgynous sexpot and one of my personal faves, Drew Deveaux!

We might have been tipsy when this was taken. I KNOW I was.

Of course, Tristan Taormino was on hand to accept her award for Best Kink Movie for Rough Sex II, present awards, and generally remind everyone how awesome she is.

Lux Alptraum of Fleshbot spiced up the evening by presenting several awards in a hot-pink punky dress!

She also succumbed to my pleading for a photo with her and the gorgeous Bobbi Starr!

Bobbi accepted the award for Steamiest Romantic Movie for A Little Piece of Me, in which she starred. A, what a star! Oh god, I'm on a really pathetic roll. Anyway, she also spent some time talking to the night's FABULOUS emcee, Ryan G!

And my favorite-est favorite, the indomitable Jiz Lee, was nominated for no fewer than 12 awards!

Jiz and my if-I-were-to-direct-porn idol, Shine Louise Houston, were both on hand all evening.

Toronto's only all-male burlesque group, Boylesque, performed a hilariously hot striptease to everyone's favorite mid-90's pop dance track as the crowd went wild:

Alas, other performances were caught even MORE badly by my point-and-shoot camera, but someday, my lovelies, I'll have a nice Canon and we'll celebrate with lots of sexy photos.

Till then, find a complete list of winners from Friday night's events here on GoodForHer.com!

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