Sep 12, 2011

Links-a-Million: Hell is a Drag, Performers are Coming Together, K-Y is Cool, A Cop is Horny, and Porn is the New Punk

I've scheduled too many trips for myself in a short amount of time, along with full-time work, WHACK! interviews and upkeep, a poetry project, and so on and so forth. I'm kind of going mad over here. So, rather than try to make my brain work for too long on anything, here are some cool things you could check out. Oh, yes, they're sexy. Of course they're sexy.

1) LA BAMBA 2: Hell is a Drag, starring burlesque temptress Tara Lihn as artist Rob Fatal and the sex-bomb Jiz Lee as Richie Valens on a gender-bending kidnapping rescue adventure! Oh yeah, there's drag. There's camp. There's horror. This awesome-fest is a student production, and can use donations. Get yo' asses over there--you may never get to see this insane carnival of kickass if it doesn't get enough funding, and nobody wants that! Donate now! (via

2) I hear rumors of an Adult Performers Association in the works from some outspoken and concerned workers in the industry! Their goals? To consider testing standards, form a group healthcare plan, addressing the rights of performers, act as a resource for health information, open up a more reality-based than rumor-mill discussion between "gay" and "straight" (and queer) sides of the industry, and liaising with the media to promote a more positive image for adult performers. To start. I'm excited to hear more... Keep your eyes on Twitter and the larger interwebz, folks. This sounds fabulous!

3) I want to just lend my voice to the chorus of "yes!" about this new K-Y Brand Intense commercial. Ohmigosh, lots of people use lube! Go, K-Y! Now... keep going!

4) Haaaahahahahahahaaaaa.... *breath* ...hahahaaaahaaaahaaa! Oh man. I hope this was worth it for both of them.

5) Porn Is the New Punk, by Danny Wylde, on the ever-impressive Smitten Kitten. I know, I know, I'm kind of fawning over him, but really... doesn't he deserve it?

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