Jun 12, 2011

2 Quick Bytes on Wieners and Women in Erotic Film

1) You know, as disgusted as I am with the hysteria over Weiner's wiener/Weinergate crapfest--I mean, seriously, what is the big DEAL, people? It's not as if the idea that one of our politicians might be a little sleazy in his personal life is anything new to any of us--I have to admit that I'm very glad that the word wiener has now come back into fashion. It's a sadly underutilized slang term for the male organ, and one that I think was due for a comeback. Hehe. Comeback. And just in time for the big Coney Island Nathan's International Hot-Dog Eating Contest on the 4th of July, too! Does anyone else find it odd that we can make an international television spectacle out of a man gorging himself on processed meat products and label him a champion, but one guy sends some pictures of his boxer sausage to a few women and we all fly into a frenzy of condemnation? Which of these two events is grosser? ...It's a strange world we live in.

2) My interview with fabulous adult film-maker Erika Lust is up on The Woman's POV! I'm very proud of this interview, and I really encourage anyone with an interest in erotic film, female empowerment via erotic imagery, and generally incredible women in general to read it. Ta-daaaa!

That is all.

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