Apr 21, 2011

Did You Know I Rock? Also, read "Make Love Not Porn."

Ok, first of all: I am amazing. Wanna know how I know? Cause Jiz Lee just used one of my photos (of Jiz and also-uber-awesome director Shine Louise Houston) on their blog commemorating the Feminist Porn Awards! And Jiz Lee is, in case you're not aware, possibly the coolest person on the planet. AND they credited me. My stock is rising, bitches!

Also, btw, when Ryan G, the emcee, introduced April Flores to present the night's big "Heartthrob" award, that intro bio he used? Yeah. I wrote that:

Nobody knows it yet, but I apparently OWN feminist/queer porn. And yeah, it feels good.

I've set up, and am working on setting up, interviews with some of the people I met/reconnected with at the Awards over the next few weeks and months, both for the blog here and for WHACK! Magazine, so we have that to look forward to, my lovelies!

Anyhoo, I should probably endeavor to write something meaningful on here about the awards, but it's hard to pick just one thing to focus on when you've had such an incredibly, overwhelmingly positive experience. I'll be working on these ideas and putting them together intelligently, but right now I have to go review a Lelo toy for WHACK! I know, it's a tough existence I lead. Check out the review on WHACK! tomorrow, and stay tuned for interviews and musings, news and more here on conflicedeXXistence.

And before I go, let me recommend to all of you a little something I picked up last night: Cindy Gallop's new book for the Kindle: "Make Love Not Porn." It explains the reasoning behind Cindy's lovely site of the same name and explores her ideas for how we, as adults, can help guide young people through the newly pornified universe so they don't grow up thinking the sex acts they find for free online, filmed by professionals, are how real people in real life need to have sex. The titles may sound a bit anti-porn, but never fear, good blog-rollers, I would never actively promote anything anti-porn, because I love it and I love the people who do it! Cindy loves porn, too, and makes no secret of it. What concerns her, however, is that young people are often growing up knowing porn first, sex ed second, and sex itself third, and as such are carrying what they've seen online directly into the bedroom with them, which is maybe great for some, but she finds it worrisome. She's got ideas and insights worth paying attention to, and she'll make you laugh while she's offering them. Check out Ms. Gallop's site and/or download her Kindle book. Read it, and then we'll talk.

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