Sep 24, 2011

We Are Experiencing Scheduling Difficulties

I want to apologize for the paucity in blogs the past week, folks... I'm having a sort of headless chicken few weeks here and not much time for blogging. Cross my heart and hope to die: next week will be better! I'm working on a few posts and will be all over this bitch soon!

In the meantime, well, it's the weekend! Go have fun, for goodness sake! Get away from your computer and enjoy the weather before it gets cold! Silly bastards.

...still here? Ok, fine, go read my review of Salacious Magazine over at WHACK! It's fabulous, as is Salacious itself. Want proof? Here:

"It’s like Penthouse Forum back in the day, except if Penthouse was a particularly horny sub boi with a thing for comic books and sleaze, and had a bunch of super-queeny theater kid friends who all wrote dirty love letters to each other. Kind of drunk. And covered in glitter, leather, and Vaseline."

Go read it! Love you all!

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